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Forcht and C. A5, February 13, Plagiarism and Anti-Plagiarism, February 2, Harris and A.

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Software Piracy Essay

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What Is Software Piracy

Journal of Computer Information Systems, 37—43, Winter — Woodcock and B. He knows that he is depending on other people's ignorance or willingness to pretend they haven't noticed. He may not feel guilty because of this, but he will always feel helpless and out of control. If he attempts to rationalize his actions, he becomes dependent on his own self-ignorance as well. Thieves who abandon honesty often fall back on the idea of being smart.

Software piracy research papers

They think it's stupid to buy something when they can just take it. They know that their own cleverness works only because of the stupidity of others who pay for what they buy. The thieves are counting on the failure of the very people whose successful efforts they use.

follow url The best defense against software piracy lies neither in physical barriers to copying nor in stiffer penalties. The main prevention to theft in stores is not the presence of guards and magnetic detectors, but the fact that most people have no desire to steal. The best way to stop piracy is to instill a similar frame of mind among software users.

This means breaking down the web of excuses by which pirates justify their actions, and leaving them to recognize what they are. Ultimately, this is the most important defense against any violation of people's rights; without an honest majority, no amount of effort by the police will be effective.

In almost all countries of the world, there are statutes, criminal and civil, which provides for enforcement of copyrighted software programs. The criminal penalties range from fines to jail terms or both.

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In many countries, companies as well as individuals may face civil and criminal sanctions. There are several different types of software piracy. Networking is major cause to software piracy. Most licenses to software is written so that the program can only be installed on one machine and can only be used on one machine at a time, however, with some network methods, the program can be loaded on several machines at once, therefore a violation of the agreement. On some network applications, the speed of transporting the software back and forth is too slow, and therefore, copying the program onto each machine would be so much faster, and this could be a violation of the license agreement.

End-user Copying is a form of piracy when individuals within organisations copy software programs from co-workers, friends and relatives. This is the most prevalent form of software theft. Some refer to end user copying as 'disk swapping'.

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Hard disk loading happens when unlicensed software is downloaded onto computers that you buy. Generally you, as the customer will have an original program on your hard drive that you may or may not have paid for. However, you will not receive the accompanying disks or documentation and you will therefore not be entitled to technical support or upgrades.

This practice is often used as a sales feature or an added incentive by the dealer to entice the sale. Software rental is a form of piracy that takes place when an individual rents a computer with software loaded on it or the software itself from a rental shop or computer retailer. The licence agreement clearly states that the purchaser is prohibited from engaging in the rental of the software.

This often occurs in the form of a rental, and then a re-stocking charge when the software is returned to the retailer. Counterfeit software involves both low quality disks and high quality fakes that are extremely close in appearance to the original software. Stealing via bulletin boards is one of the fastest growing means of software theft. It involves downloading programs onto computers via a modem. Unbundling involves the separating of OEM software from the hardware that it is licensed to be sold with. The customer can run into support issues as it is the OEM that is required to provide support for this type of software.

When you buy unbundled software you take a bigger risk of purchasing a counterfeit product. In conclusion, software piracy has had a major impact on the software industry. Economically it has cost the industry billions of dollars each year and there is no sign that this will change in the near future. No amount of penalties or policing will stop the trend of software piracy. Each individual must develop their own moral standards so that they do not add to the problem. Need a different custom essay on Internet? Buy a custom essay on Internet. Need a custom research paper on Internet?

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Computer users surfing the Web a During the past decade, our society has become based solely on the ability to move large amounts of information across large distances quickly.