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We didn't even have pagan proselytizers in school.

Wiccan Lies (part 2): Prosyletizing - The Infamous Brad — LiveJournal

No proselytizers atall infact as far as I recall. I can't remember what he said though. This is because I am dense and can never remember things when I want to quote them. This is probably because you did not go to school in northern California in the early s. I think they were giving pentacles away in cereal packets or something. Ego, zeal, rebellion, angst, cliquishness, pecking order, inexplicable longings, a desire to fit in, a desire to bug out, finding a voice, finding one's power.

A religion in adolescence. Be understanding and patient, but keep it honest, instill good values, let it use the car once in a while, and make sure it gets an after-school job. And let me know when it turns a metaphorical It's funny, but it's also true. The Witches that I know outside of the variants of the Fluffy Bunny types are trying to come up with a serious, theologically consistant religion without the "help" of an Ancient Book.

They aren't there yet. Give 'em time. The biggest problem that I see is that Wicca deals in what a Christian would call "cheap grace". Brad talked about this, indirectly, in his "Christians in the Hands of an Angry God" series.

On Metaphysics and Madness

What are the obligations and duties of a Witch? Near as I can tell, none at all, other than generalities that are so vague as to be useless. I have never encountered the naster sort of things that Brad talks about here -- the local Witches can't organize a potluck, let alone take over a church. Also, I tend to hang out with Asatru types, who scare the snot out of most Witches.

From Wicca Witchcraft to Jesus Christ. ( Darkness to Light) Lindas Testimony

I'm ahem! What about the teens and younger of those already in the craft? I doubt that putting up a website counts as targeting any individual minor. Everyone I know knows that, but I suspect that the wiccans you know all have IQs of roughly room temperature or something by your descriptions. At least one friend of mine pagan, not wiccan, but the point stands prostilyzes for zen buddhism because her religion doesn't accept prostylization but she was raised mormon and can't get out of the habit.

Besides the amusing solution to her problem, I mention this because a lot of folks come from prostylizing christian traditions and I suspect part of the problem is simply that they can't get out of the habit.

It's the application of Gresham's Law to religion - bad religions drive out good. I remember, many years ago, that the "local pagan community" and this was in Boulder, a place which had one tended to involve a fairly small number of fairly serious folk, whom you could find in certain cafes or wherever discussing fine points of theology or magic late into the night.

And new people who were seriously interested ended up attaching themselves to someone who would teach them, until they realized that they could figure things out on their own. Gradually, as the number of people increased, people started saying "umm And then there was a gradual transition, where for some reason - I suspect having to do with the political advantage of having a single "unified church" - somehow this ANSI standard content-free Wicca started cropping up, aided in no small part by Silver RavenWolf and the like, and soon the sort of twittery you're describing was simply everywhere.

The barrier to entry to this was so much lower that huge numbers of people started doing it It's sad, really. Once upon a time, looking for the local pagans meant finding the people who had put a reasonable amount of energy and thought into matters; nowadays, that search will at best lead one into a horde of Wiccans-in-a-box. Anonymous Dec. If its any consolation the prosletizing wiccans like to have a go at the occult as well. I have friends who are wiccans and I have no problem with them - wonderful people we get along great: But this group of wiccans take over anything that can be seemingly traced to wicca or a wiccan steroytype- For a religion not seeking converts they sure like to convert.

Its either wiccans en masse thats the problem or just one 'sub-division' of wicca - either way, since naming the occult as wiccan I'm never going to be taken seriously by the public, no matter how I explain it I am now a wiccan that never wanted to be one. Anonymous Oct. Well, I'm intrested in Wicca, although not so much the rituals and such invloved with a lot of Wiccans. I wandered onto the religion about 6 months ago, and now I'm My parents are Christian. They didn't find out I was no longer Christain until I wore a tank top and my necklace slipped out from under my shirt.

I had been Wiccan all of that time, and no one ever knew. I have a friend who's Wiccan, she is also We hardly ever talk about our religion in front of other people, and we would never dream of talking to someone who wasn't intrested. My parents ended up freaking out, calling the pastor of the church we go to, and telling him "Pastor, pastor, I think she's posessed by the devil.

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From what I've read, Wiccan is not about spells and magik. It's about respecting nature and everything else.

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Being kind to everyone, no matter what they are to you, rude, sweet, backstabbing, whatever. If I'm wrong, please email me. Would that it were ever that simple. In theory, Wicca is a do-it-yourself, customizable religion. It doesn't have any specific dogma, so you can believe pretty much whatever you believe. You can write your own rituals, and have them be almost anything you want. Which means, of course, that you can call yourself Wiccan and come up with justications for anything you want to do I agree with the shop teacher, although he said some dumb things.

Second of all, I can easily envision an ornate cross that would be harder to construct than a simple altar. After all, the altar could just be three planks nailed together to form a simple raised platform. I have to say that I could really go either way on this one. Sure, the teacher said some ignorant things — but he has two options in his class:. However if a student chooses to use the shop project to create a religious object — with no prompting or suggestion from the teacher — then they have every right to do so.

If a student creates a cross by nailing together two boards — no problem. Either student could have taken the time to create a detailed, ornate expression of their religion — by their own choice and while not disrupting the class — and been within their rights. The constitution is paper.

The fist amendment has been disputed or ignored to some extent or another from day one. History suggests that this student has secured the position of Pariah and will keep it so long as they stay in that town. They will likely maintain an oppressed minority mindset so long as their religion has comparatively no organization and no money. The fact that he at least acknowledged Wicca as a religion is also kind of good. Still he does come off as rather ignorant, which I have found to be true of far too many teachers.

My wife, who likes to think she is christian, tells me to keep quite because we live in a small town. So I can kind of understand the mentality they are dealing with in this case because I am dealing with it in my community. It is sad that in a world where all the information you could want is at your fingertips, people are still so blind and ignorant.

Just this week I found out that former coworker thought I was trying to put a spell on him when I tried to describe this video of Bobby McFerrin. He is a music major in college and really ought to know better, but fundamentalist fear of witchcraft does strange things to people.

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I think the shop teacher was right not to allow either, but perhaps could have gone about it better. Imagine if the teacher had allowed the student to make a cross — all the atheists me included would have jumped up and down. Living in Taiwan has drawbacks. He would run that wood through the table saw, take the jigsaw to it, attach the dado-head cutter to the router…and before you know it, Lady Liberty complete with a couple of hidden drawers in the base.

Whenever someone mentions woodworking or shop class projects, I always think of Nahm and the sort of crucifix he would crank out in a minute episode.

The only question is whether the project employs the skill set taught in class and to what degree. It does not prevent the student from expressing their belief. If the wood shop kid wants to make a cross, he should be permitted to do so. The cross is then assessed as per the metrics of wood working. If it looks like something Nahm would make, he gets an A. I want to be more clear about the issue of separation of church and state, as there seems to be some confusion about what it means and how it applies. The separation of church and state was conceived to prevent the state from endorsing or enforcing any theology on the people.

It was never contemplated that people would be prevented from the free expression of their beliefs. The metric to be applied to assessing a wood shop project one supposes is the skill demonstrated in the use of materials and equipment in the making of the object, not the nature of the object itself. People who forget that may well find themselves involved in litigation. The school is certainly precluded from forcing students to make crosses and only crosses or a mogen David and only mogen David.

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One would have to demonstrate a religious preference…blah blah blah…I digress. Really big problem. How are we goint to solve it?

Smith acknowledged that some people have expressed fears about satanism or sacrifices. Yo, Steve-o: The very center of the Christian religion is an act of human sacrifice. You can look it up yourself in that Bible you keep on your shelf but obviously never read.