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Submitted by awinter on Wed, We're also glad to welcome many new publications to the site! Request new password. Grassland-dwelling birds such as sparrows and meadowlarks have been hit especially hard. According to the study, more than million birds across 31 species that make their homes in fields and farmlands have vanished since Rosenberg says the most likely explanation involves changing agricultural practices.

These changes impact grassland birds in myriad ways: Widely used pesticides kill insects that some birds rely on for food , and exposure to these chemicals can even delay migration. Converting land for agricultural use removes nesting habitat. Shorebirds—which nest in areas particularly susceptible to development and climate change and whose numbers were already dangerously low in —have declined by more than a third.

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The researchers also used data from weather radar stations to estimate changes in the total biomass of migratory birds each year between and They found similar declines to what the data from volunteer counts showed, particularly along the U. East Coast. The Atlantic Coast is an important migratory route for warblers, thrushes, spoonbills and many other birds that breed in North America and spend the winter in the Caribbean or in Central or South America, says wildlife biologist and head of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center T.

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  • Scott Sillett, who advised the researchers but was not involved in the work. One bright spot the researchers found was that wetland birds have made recoveries, driven largely by increases among waterfowl such as ducks, geese and swans. All of these things were responsible for the turnaround.

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