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But that is not enough. People need to show bigger interest in music and especially in live events to prove there is actually financial potential in them. After that it is time for the companies to start being more open. There is absolutely no doubt that piracy is wrong. In most cases it equals stealing and that is without question a crime. However piracy itself has shown to be quite useful for the owners of the pirated property in some cases.

The standard and logical views of distributing products such as films or music are usually based on the elementary system of owning and selling and the idea that valuable property should be sold for as much money as possible.

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That applies for most cases yet there have been times when giving things out for free eventually resulted in much higher earnings than it would with the use of standard marketing procedures, for example the famous band Pearl Jam is well known for setting optional prices on their CDs. This policy is however still typical for smaller record companies and book publishers while the big labels are not easily adopting it. There is a huge potential in giving art for free though and doing it on a global scale could turn out to be really groundbreaking.

It offers tens of millions of songs, tens of thousands of audio books and lots and lots of other media. It is absolutely impossible for one person to explore all the music there even if he was concentrating on just one genre.

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And since most music there is NOT free, there is a very small amount of music a listener is able to actually get to. What should he do then? In a hypothetical world where there is no sharing music or even borrowing CDs from a friend he should either buy it or let it go. But what would the second option mean for the owner of the music?

A financial loss. And that begs a question is the artist willing to accept everything that goes with it? So what should the artist do? There is a fine example of an artist who used to believe that his art being shared on the internet meant financial loss and came to realize it actually did not.

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Neil Gaiman is a famous writer, the author of the books like American Gods or Stardust, who now supports the idea of sharing books and other kinds of art. He was at first not happy to see his books floating around the internet, however he soon discovered that by this he was very quickly gaining lots of new fans. And did you discover your favourite author by buying a random book or borrowing a random book?

As lending them.

Effect Of The Internet Piracy Information Technology Essay

And the exact same thing applies to music and even movies. So should we legalize piracy and let everyone have what they want? Of course not. A world without rules is anarchy and piracy is by all means an anarchistic method. Yet it happens. And quite a lot.

Recently it has been one of the major economical issues as the losses in the music industry caused by piracy are, based on the information by The Institute for Policy Innovation, estimated to However, there are two things we must still keep in mind.

Film piracy explained

The music industry loses profit but that means the money is going somewhere else and different branches of the economy are growing. Secondly, the total number of the financial loss is actually overestimated. Thanks to many sites distributing music online, for example classic stores like Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, but also the ones like Bandcamp or Soundcloud, where artist often share their music for free, the number of songs sold online grows and the situation is getting better.

More open and innovative approach is still possible though. Just like Neil Gaiman finds new fans by letting people illegally download his work, big record companies could do that as well. No one suggests that they should just give all their stock music for free. No, that would be insane. Rather than that one album by each of their signed artists could be available for free download in order to let people discover more music and thus consequently invest their hard-earned money into buying the kind of music they will more likely find enjoyable.

Sometimes a small step like this can be the start of a huge movement that will actually cause a considerable change. There is music for free already. There are artists who are willing to share their work.

Let us visit concerts more often and let us put some effort into finding new artists and recommend them to our friends. This organization deals with the laws against music piracy. Music piracy can be defined as the stealing of music "Examples". The argument that downloading is theft comes from the position that music is intellectual property "ARIA". The Aria's advertisements Music piracy according to Cummings is the act of copying and distributing of pieces of music copies from the recording artist, composer or the recording company that holds the copyright did not consent on it.

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Aksomitis indicated that music piracy also referred to as music theft is ongoing, real and an evolving challenge. It is devastating that millions of people globally download songs illegally from the internet without even compensating the people who assisted in creating the songs. Examples of music piracy include; making a copy of MP3 song from a CD on the internet using a network Pirates not only trespass upon the rights of the artist involved, they also create dishonest competition at every level of the industry Website administrator, Most of the time people in general think that music piracy is a small act and probably has no effect on the artist or the music industry, where as "Statistics found on the Recording Industry Association of America" showed that not only does piracy affect the artists, it also affects the hundreds and thousands of people who work with the music industry Stores, ; The Digital Universe, Is Music Piracy Stealing?

For centuries, the term piracy calls forth an image of a plundering character that can be found in one of today's most popular movies, Pirates of the Caribbean. But over recent decades, the term piracy has evolved into one who infringes copyrighted material. Instead of that dirty one-eyed pirate with a wooden peg leg and cutlass sword, the pirate now can be anyone, any size, any age. Moore darted off by explaining that current day pirates simply do not Although this ongoing issue is in a way hard to control, record label companies, Internet service providers, along with overspent around the globe should associate more to carry out existing solutions that would end digital music piracy.

According to Beijing Web Designers, China has the biggest piracy problem. That means that about Music is another big thing that is pirated. People download music for free not even thinking that it is pirating.


Internet Law and Piracy Essays

Buying music can add up. Pirating websites make it incredibly easy to illegally download files. If you click this link it takes you to a simple five-step process on how to get anything you want. First you just download and install the free software Bitlord, which allows you to download the torrent files and convert them into the actual file that you want.

Essay about Online Piracy And The Internet

Once you have done all of these steps, Bitlord will convert the compressed. Piracy occurs everyday. According to Beijing Web Designers, there are about million visits to pirating websites everyday. That means that, on average, there are more than , visits to online piracy websites every minute. Most piracy is done on personal devices. Since piracy is happening so often it is imperative to be acted upon as soon as possible. Illegal downloading affects everyone. It especially affects companies. Over 7, jobs are lost yearly in the US due to piracy.