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Political science [87]. Psychology []. Public administration [3]. Public health genetics [57].

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Quantitative ecology and resource management [29]. Rehabilitation medicine [20]. Romance languages and literature [39]. Scandinavian languages and literature [2]. Scandinavian studies [3]. Scientific and technical communication [0].

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Slavic languages and literature [2]. Social welfare [18].

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Social work - Seattle [73]. Social work - Tacoma [0]. Sociology [].

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South Asia Studies [8]. Southeast Asian Studies [11]. Speech [85]. Statistics [71]. To Be Assigned [30]. Urban planning []. Women studies see also Gender, Women and Sexuality [1]. Road networks can be defined as the movement infrastructure of a city.

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They are both the resource that guides inhabitants within a settlement, and that defines different levels of social interaction and social organization. This research focuses on analyzing gaps, strengths, and weaknesses of the actions A booming regional economy and ever-growing population places stress on established, low-income neighborhoods near the central core of Seattle. Many residents in these vulnerable neighborhoods have been unable to realize Cities in Washington State are required to adopt concurrency policies that stipulate how they will measure the level of service LOS of their transportation system.

Under the Growth Management Act, cities are also required The world is urbanizing at a rapid rate and since , more people live in cities than in rural areas. As the predominant mode of habitation, cities are understood as the spatialization of capitalist social relations in In order to understand its significance, this thesis discusses the role of the The vision of RCCE is to shift from a transactional approach based on A review of Most major American cities have been building out the infrastructure envisioned in their bicycle master plans for at least a decade.

Many municipal departments of transportation are steadily building what their plans say How do you build community?

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Is it the building, services, and amenities that we build into communities? Or is it the people, who use buildings, services, and amenities in communities to have experienced, and build relationships This thesis explores the development of robust urban design strategies for resilience in the face of multiple uncertain and complex hazard scenarios.

Resilient urban design is illustrated through the case of Westport, a Central Link Light Rail has unexplored equity impacts to nearby communities.

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Large-scale infrastructure projects, often with equitable intentions, end up displacing vulnerable communities or aiding in their detriment—the This thesis consists of three projects, the common thread to all of which is using shape-restricted densities in inference problems. In the first project, we revisit the problem of estimating the center of symmetry of DNA copies inherited from the same ancestral copy by related individuals are said to be identical by descent IBD.

IBD gives rise to genetic similarities between related individuals. In quantitative genetics, two fundamental Traditional infectious disease epidemiology focuses on fitting deterministic and stochastic epidemics models to surveillance case count data. Recently, researchers began to make use of infectious disease agent genetic data Collecting social network data is notoriously difficult, meaning that indirectly observed or missing observations are very common.

In this dissertation, We address two of such scenarios: inference on network measures without Coarse-grid climate models require parameterizations to include the effect of unresolved sub-grid processes. Recently, machine learning approaches have shown promise in producing more accurate parameterizations than existing Studies of young dual language learners DLLs suggest that there may be within-language and across-language associations as children acquire two languages.

Understanding typical DLL development can support effective Understanding the vocal learning basal ganglia circuit in zebra finches: Is there co-release of glutamate from midbrain dopamine neurons terminating in area X?

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Vocal learning is the process of acquiring and maintaining one of the many complex motor skills that begins to develop from human infancy, during which the brain reliant on auditory input. One of the main issues in construction projects is finance; proper cash-flow management is necessary to insure that a construction project finishes within time, on budget, and yielding a satisfying profit.

Poor financial El-Sadek, Amr Khaled Variations or change orders are inevitable in any construction project. They are defined as any change that happens in the scope of the project whether this change is an additional scope of work, omission, or even alteration. El-Hoteiby, Amr Ibrahim Construction is known to be one of the riskiest industries as it can be affected by many foreseeable and unforeseeable circumstances and events leading to turning a project from a profitable status to incurring losses and Magdy, Abdelrahman The standard Methods of Measurement is an important topic when it comes to the process of the preparation of the Bill of Quantities of a construction project.

This is because the Method of Measurement provides a set of El Sayed, Ahmed The commercially available systems currently used in construction require high initial cost, take time to be erected and reduce the space in the construction site for the movement of material, equipment and labor as they Moharib, Mary Mamdouh For proper implementation of sustainability, two dimensions need to be taken into consideration, resource conservation and pollution prevention.

Compromising on any of the two would mean that future generations are deprived Fawzy, Mohamed Hussein Concrete cracking has various causes and is unavoidable. In strategic structures such as nuclear reactors and dams this cannot be Assal, Mennatallah Amr Environmental factors and hot weather conditions can drastically impact the properties, strength and durability of concrete structures. Need Help?

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