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You start moving forward; a little bit hesitant and shaky as you set off on the journey. Next, you start climbing up, then drop down, up again, then down. In fact there are a lot more ups and downs on this ride. There are some wild corners and you even get turned completely upside down a few times. Some parts of the ride will be frightening. Other parts of the ride are exciting and exhilarating.

So we now know life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and down sharp turns and unexpected moments. We have to be patient and persistent, stay on the ride, and just enjoy it, until you reach your destination. No matter how difficult this ride is, no matter how fast the ride, no matter how many loops, the roller coaster ride has the glorious end. Just like your life if you keep pursuing your goals. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, and be weird.

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Really excellent post.. My wife and I have tried to enjoy life each day, traveling a big part of it. We laugh each day and enjoy whatever time we have here and together. Laughter is a great tool that more people should use!!!! Jim following your blog, i do think that you have build a wonderful relationship and together you are living the way we should. I love seeing your pictures, and im sure that the man you are shows through gloriously through those beautiful images you create. This is a fantastic and inspiring post! Thank you for this! The challenges and defeats we meet are just as important for our personal growth.

We just, as you say, have to make the best of our time here, and as i say often, enjoy the journey. Roller coaster rides have frightened me most of my life, but I faced that fear a few years back on a roller coaster ride with my own daughter, Alisha. I tried, but they acted like they had been glued shut. Oh well, I did ride it. Lily, let me share a secret, every time i ride a rollercoaster with my girls, my eyes are firmly shut, and discretely my hands are holding on to the seat for dear life.

As always…. Welcome to my wellness blog. Here you will find a wide range of great articles all designed to help you lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Together, we can take back your health! How you handle your ups and downs is up to you. Please share your ideas for making the most of all the twists and turns of life. Comment below. About the author: Larry Lewis. Read about my illness to wellness story. JIm Brandano September 12, at pm. An amusement park is not an amusement park if it does not contain a roller coaster. What makes these roller coasters so fun that every amuse parks has one.

A lot of people would say it is their extreme high speeds that makes it very exciting.

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That is a valid answer, but it is the wrong answer. The speed has nothing to do with the excitement. It is more. Gulp, as I stared up at the towering tall roller coaster. Goosebumps covered my body.

Life is like a Roller Coaster Ride

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. It was our turn next, as the coaster came into view. When it came to a halt, I inched in the roller coaster, as fear oozed out of my eyes. Next, I clipped my seat belt in and forced the bar down, the lady soon was at my side and checking my seat belt.

Her gentle hands grasped the strap, as she gave a few tugs here and there. When she put full pressure on the cold gray bar, it. With Tom and Summer being two polar opposites from each other, it is easy to see how their relationship will already have conflict embedded within it.

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Once I have seen these monstrous roller coasters, the only thing in my mind was fear. My mind is thinking of deadly thoughts. My palms were sweaty and I was twitching like a fish.

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I was petrified of heights. We pulled into the roller coaster park in our Ford Excursion truck.

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It was me and my dearest friends. Our stomachs were growling.

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Understanding the past, present and future of the amusement park will show how these parks have lasted for years and years. I love the thrill, the excitement and my favorite part, the. Let me give you some background information to this story. Up until last summer I had never ridden a roller coaster that went upside down.

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The good news is that this story did end happy. I rode the Dominator, my first upside roller coaster, and I enjoyed it so much that I rode it again and then proceeded to ride almost every roller coaster. Love is a Roller Coaster In our lifetime, one is likely to ride a roller coaster at least once. We also may experience the feeling of love with someone we consider special. Both, being in love and riding a roller coaster, will cause a person to feel different emotions, some sad and some joyful.

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Just like a roller coaster has to remain on its tracks in order to function properly, a relationship has to have boundaries in order to flourish. We look forward to the roller coaster ride and the possibility of love with much excitement, but in the end we have to decide if the ride was worth it. The roller coaster always seems to be the highlight of all amusement parks.