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Lystrata tells them that they women will protect men. Her word stirs up anger among the men particularly the Magistrate as they are strongly opposed to this and almost skirmishes follow. This shows how much it was believed men are the ones to be security conscious and not women for that matter. Onwards, the Magistrate demands to know why Lysistrata thinks that women can meddle with matters about war and peace.

The question is asked in a threatening mood. Lysistrata tells him to shut and behave.

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This consequently infuriates him. The women uniformly threaten back and they even suggest dumping water on him. The magistrate yells back telling them to shut as they all speak Lysistrata.

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This scene shows how men and women use vulgar language against each other with no due respect to one another. As per this play, sometimes men go astray in making decisions about matters concerning security. Fortunately, women come in to give advice pertaining to the same. Multiple Choice.

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