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Let's also say it takes you an hour to eat breakfast and to get ready. If you need 9 hours of sleep, then you will need to get up at a. Depending upon how quickly you fall asleep, you may need to go to bed earlier than the time you calculated. Reset your internal clock. Move your bedtime back by 15 minutes per day every days.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier on these days, too. Do this every day of the week, including on the weekends, until you're falling asleep at your decided-upon bedtime, or at p. If you don't plan ahead, you'll need to speed up the process. Try moving your bedtime back by hours every days and waking up hours early on these days, too.

It could be rough going at first but likely less so than making the change in one day, especially on the first day of school when you might already be nervous and have trouble sleeping. Stick to the plan on weekends, or the one, if you've only given yourself a week to complete the process. If you don't stay on your sleep schedule during the weekend, it throws off your circadian rhythm, making Monday morning a literal drag.

Eat your breakfast early. Summertime doesn't just throw your sleep off-kilter. Your whole daily schedule changes, which can be pretty fun and relaxing, but also difficult to kick to the curb when it ends. When you wake up, eat your breakfast at the same time as you will when you wake up for school.

1. Helps you better deal with negativity.

Studies have shown that breakfast helps wake you up and gives you more energy. Eating in the morning provides your body with glucose, the source of energy for your whole body, so it's not surprising if you often feel lethargic when you first awaken. And why breakfast will help pep you up — you are, after all, breaking your overnight fast. Research also shows that eating carbohydrate-rich cereals improves your mood, which can only help in gearing up for school. Get ready as you would for school. After you wake up, proceed as if you are going to school. If you normally eat first, do that.

If you normally take a shower first, do that. The point is to reform habits, so when school starts you won't be quite so startled when the alarm starts ringing in your ear and the act of getting out of bed won't feel quite so drudging. Make sure you finish the job. For instance, if you normally style your hair and wear makeup to school, do your hair and makeup during this period of readjustment, too. Also work toward getting it all done in the same amount of time that you have allotted for getting ready once school starts.

If you get in the habit now, you won't feel so rushed later. Leave the house. If you're able, leave the house at the same time that you would for school. This will push you to stick to your schedule, and it will get you back into the habit of doing something outside of the home in the morning.

Here are some suggestions: You could go to the library. This could serve the dual purpose of also helping you freshen up on your Algebra, for instance, or catch up on your summer reading. Together you can set off for the day to go to the park, see a movie, go the mall and so forth. Sign up for a morning class in your community. Many local art centers, YMCAs, churches and parks departments offer a variety of classes throughout the summer for students to take during breaks.

Eat dinner at the right time. Over the summer, your eating schedule may have gotten a little wild. So start eating at the time you plan to once you're back in school. If you've been consuming a lot of fast food during those lazy summer nights, get back to eating nutritious, well-balanced meals. Healthy foods aren't just better for your body.

They also boost brain power. Read in the evenings. Reading at night reading in general if you haven't for awhile will get those brain circuits flowing again. This will make studying easier, and it will get you back into the mode of doing homework at night. You could also work on things like Sudoku puzzles, crossword puzzles, children's workbooks, flash cards — anything to kick-start returning to an evening routine that includes studying and homework.

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Try to get your schedule and do activities related to your schedule, like finding online Geometry problems. It will actually be more like homework than reading and puzzles, and will also improve your grades for school. Prepare for bed. You may have gotten out of the habit of taking that nightly shower or bath, if you take it at night, or even brushing your teeth. Now's the time to start doing these things again regularly. And, as with your morning routine, do them at the same time you plan to do them once school starts.

This is also a good time to get back into the habit of or create the habit of laying out your clothes for the morning. Doing this will make you feel less rushed in the morning and less stressed overall, especially if you are very particular about what you wear. Go to sleep on time. Once you have reset your clock, continue going to sleep at the time you've set for yourself, even on the weekends.

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Resisting all temptations to break your new sleep schedule will be rewarded soon enough. Power down before bedtime. Winding down in the evening is equivalent to telling your body that it's time to call it quits for the day. You can't expect it to go from to 0 simply by getting in bed and pulling up the covers.

So spend about minutes slowly shutting down your brain and body. You might do this by taking a hot shower or bath. When you get out, your core body temperature drops, which is a signal to your brain to produce melatonin, your body's natural sleep hormone. Stay away from caffeine before bed. Caffeine is a stimulant, and while most people associate it with coffee, it's also in tea, chocolate, soda and some pain relievers.

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Click here to read his essay. No reproduction or excerpting is permitted without written consent. Wahlstrom and the rest of the research team found that, just like sleep disorders are commonly found in patients with depression, students with sleep abnormalities, have a tendency to have an increase in the chances of having depression 6. With the start time for many high schools around the United States being as early as they are, students run the risk of driving while sleep…. How many times have you guys actually came to school in the morning focused, ready to learn, and not tired?

We can all agree that waking up for school in the morning is a struggle, and we can all agree that we could use a little extra sleep at night. That is why I believe that school should start later so that high schoolers can get the healthy amount of sleep, and come to school and think of something other then how tired they are. This my 7th year at Voyager Academy. For those of you who went to…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. Late risers lack the advantage of time for this.

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Better Finances Improved health, enhanced productivity and ameliorated energy can only result in one thing — a higher rate of success. And when this happens in your career, can financial triumph be far behind? So, rise early to kickstart a really great way of doing well in the professional sphere as well. The benefits of waking up early are myriad. After all, personal and professional well-being, and ultimate success are what everyone seeks. So, why not adopt a healthier way of living and reap those benefits?