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So researchers have been looking for other evidence of an impact. And now they seem to have found it. The new study, announced today, uncovered extraterrestrial gases trapped inside special molecules, known as Buck balls, in ancient soil layers. Scientists say the evidence points to a colossal whack from a comet or asteroid roughly 3. In the past million years, there have been about five giant extinction events; researchers say the new finding means that at least two of them were caused by impacts. The others also may have been. This suggests that the evolution of life on Earth is strongly coupled with our cosmic environment.

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It is the earliest known example of an infection in a land vertebrate. The infection probably developed because the pulp cavity of a broken dentary tooth was exposed to bacteria. Cynodont Thrinaxodon liorhinus. Thrinaxodon was a genus of cynodont that lived during the Triassic Period million to million years ago , notable for being a transitional fossil. The two known species ranged in size from that of a small badger 50cm to an ermine 30cm long.

Pits on the skull suggest that Thrinaxodon may have had whiskers, but whether it also had fur is debated.

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In response to the wide daily temperature swings of the early Triassic, it may have been eurythermic, able to function at a broad range of temperatures; this could have laid the groundwork for the development of homeothermic endothermy. Like its predecessors, Thrinaxodon laid eggs, and there were many reptilian features in its skeleton. Its remains have been found in South Africa and Antarctica, supporting the notion that the two continents were once joined together.

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