Critical thinking and creativity

Achieving quality requires standards of quality — and hence, criticality.

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We believe that creative thinking, especially, must be demystified and brought down to earth. For this reason, we deal with it in this guide not only in terms of its highest manifestation in the work of geniuses but also in its most humble manifestations in everyday perception and thought. There are ways to teach simultaneously for both creative and critical thinking. To do so requires that we focus on these terms in practical, everyday contexts, that we keep their central meanings in mind, that we seek insight into how they overlap and interact with one another.

When we understand critical and creative thought truly and deeply, we recognize them as inseparable, integrated, and unitary.

At The Intersection of Creativity and Critical Thinking

To live productively, we need to internalize and use intellectual standards to assess our thinking criticality. We also need to generate — through creative acts of the mind — the products to be assessed.

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That minds create meanings is not in doubt; whether they create meanings that are useful, insightful, or profound is. Imagination and reason are an inseparable team. They function best in tandem, like the right and left legs in walking or running.

Studying either one separately only ensures that both remain mysterious and puzzling, or, just as unfortunate, are reduced to stereotype and caricature. With a focus on digital transformation, he has worked with leading national and international oil companies as well as privately owned resource companies across Asia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom.

Critical and Creative Thinking | The Australian Curriculum

Sandeep is based in A. Before joining A.

6 thinking hats: A tool for creative & critical thinking

Kearney, he worked with Accenture. Vivien has trained and developed more than business and marketing leaders and professionals to reach their business and personal aspirations. At Google, Vivien was part of the global senior management team where she championed several high profile business strategic initiatives to accelerate revenue growth, resulting in an increased pace of innovation, three times the revenue to hundreds of millions of US Dollars within her first two years, and helped 11, enterprises transform and adopt digital marketing strategies and platforms.

Through VK Transformation, Vivien has helped start-ups, SMEs and MNCs across different industries to transform their sales, marketing and services to achieve more predictable and sustainable sales revenue growth. As an industry practitioner, Wee Khee has years of experience driving digital initiatives and customer-centric programmes across the Asia Pacific region.

A strong collaborator and people developer, she is interested in building capabilities and developing competencies in the domain of digital marketing, e-commerce, creative communications and experience design, to support organisation priorities.

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Prior to joining NUS-ISS, Wee Khee held various leadership positions with global organisations from consumer technology, electronics, telecommunications industries and government sectors. She led the Creative Services team for element14 Avnet to design digital communications, customer experiences, customer relationship management CRM programmes to drive e-commerce operations across Asia.

Thinking Skills and Creativity

Other key achievements in her previous leadership roles in mobile and telecommunications industries include managing digital transformation for Nokia, starting up operations for search, social media monitoring and digital agency network set-up across APAC, marketing strategy development and mobile services creation.

A brand builder at heart, Wee Khee is passionate about connecting customers to brands with well-designed customer experiences and digital innovations. She leverages both the creative and analytical aspects of marketing to drive business objectives with consumer insights, research findings and data analytics in mind.

Critical Thinking: Step 4: Creativity

Prior to that, she managed internet marketing for Creative Technology and regional marketing for Sony Asia Pacific. Wee Khee graduated from the National University of Singapore with Bachelor of Business Administration marketing major, second upper honours. Her primary responsibility is to coordinate efficacy study projects for Pearson products and to facilitate the business review process. Her professional training and experience include instructional design, research skills and project management. Topics: Others , Talent. Topics: Investments , Startups , Talent.