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In order to measure scale and model bootstrapping, Algorithm, Fornell and Larker criterion Discriminant Validity and HTMT sensitivity of multicollinearity ratio has been used along with rule of thumbs set of scholars related to results founded.

Study filled the gap of mediation of CBB. Research findings involve a direct relationship of price with customer satisfaction. Positive relationship between price and consumer buying behaviour, and positive mediating role of consumer buying behaviour between price and customer satisfaction. Dec Click here to accept these terms.

That sentence, or a variation of it, is something that we routinely encounter.

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It shows up in app updates, on website registration pages, and during the installation of software and computer It shows up in app updates, on website registration pages, and during the installation of software and computer games. In the law, such a contract is often referred to as a contract of adhesion. That ruling, however, only applied to one company in one jurisdiction. Since then, similar gag clauses have continued to show up. For example, the owner of a vacation home rental might sneak in a line saying that he may keep the deposit in the event of an unflattering review.

This bill renders void any provisions of a form contract that prohibits customers from posting reviews or that requires customers to transfer their intellectual property rights in a review to the company. By doing these things, the bill makes it harder for companies to silence unfavorable reviews.

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It is likely that President Obama will sign the bill. There are exceptions, of course. Reviews can also be removed for abusive or inappropriate content, or if they include confidential or other sensitive information, like trade secrets or medical information. State attorneys general and state consumer protection officers can also investigate and sue companies that include these prohibited terms in their form contracts.

Ultimately, the Consumer Review Fairness Act should protect customers from one method that has been used to silence honest criticism. Still, some argue that anti-SLAPP laws make it harder for sincere plaintiffs to ask courts to fix real wrongs.

We know that it is always a challenge to control for abuses of the legal system on either side. The Consumer Review Fairness Act is a good step, but there are a lot of ways to use lawsuits to harass and intimidate critics into silence. Passing this law might be a way for Congress to test the waters and see how much demand there is for a federal anti-SLAPP law.

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The passage of this Act also shows that there is support for such legislation, so a new federal anti-SLAPP law may be on the cards in the future. Meat substitutes Overview and key factors to consider from the consumer's perspective. Negative adverse effects caused by chemical products increase consumers' tendencies toward natural products in Turkey and all over the world today.

Furthermore, other reasons; such as the increase in the aging population, recent studies Furthermore, other reasons; such as the increase in the aging population, recent studies indicating medical benefits of plants, acceptance of traditional treatment methods by developed countries, and obesity have all contributed to the growing demand for medical and aromatic plants. Wood is the primary product derived from forests.

Especially, in the fields of food, medicine, and pharmacy, an increased demand of various products has been noticed, which are all meant for consumption and come from different fields. However, this increase results in straining our natural resources.

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Overconsumption, not using resources efficiently, and trading the abovementioned products illegally, can potentially cause danger of extinction for some species of plants. One of the problems that is faced in the studies of medicinal and aromatic plants is that there is no unity in the classification. Almost each discipline, such as medicine, botanic, and agriculture, classifies differently. This challenge leads researchers who want to investigate this area, to analyze each discipline separately.

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The studies focus on specific disciplines, such as botanic, agriculture, food, and medicine, whereas the studies in marketing, is not sufficient. The present study attempts to identify consumers' views and the main components of their behaviors toward medicinal and aromatic plants, which having a growing interest day by day. A questionnaire was formed as a data collection instrument.

Views and suggestions collected via interviewing consumers and academic personnel benefited the construction of the questionnaire. The questionnaire has three sections. In the first section, the demographic information of the participants was identified. In the second section, the participants were asked to answer three questions about the ways which they use medicinal and aromatic plants. Lastly, in the third section, the participants were asked 24 items in the 5-point Likert scale to identify their views on medicinal and aromatic plants.

The participants were asked to choose among five options, which range from 1, strongly disagree, to 5, strongly agree. A pre-test was conducted to analyze the form in terms of face and content. Upon having positive results, a data collection procedure started. The current study lasted 15 days, specifically between. On the network economic, technical and reliability characteristics improvement through demand-response implementation considering consumers' behaviour.

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Demand response DR is one of the fundamental components of deregulated power systems which face uncertainty because of unpredictable network component contingencies. In this study, a security-constrained model is proposed to coordinate In this study, a security-constrained model is proposed to coordinate supply and demand sides in a proper way toward a flexible, secure and economic grid. In the proposed model, generation units are committed to enhance the flexibility by providing up-and down-spinning reserves while an optimal real-time pricing scheme provides demand-side flexibility.

Real-time pricing is developed by utilising consumers' behaviour. Different levels of rationality are given by extending demand-price elasticity matrices for different types of consumers. The proposed method can assist independent system operators to schedule generating units a day-ahead in a more reliable manner.

Customers also can make the most beneficial plans by joining DR programmes and schedule their consumption optimally according to defined rates in the case of an emergency. The applicability of the proposed model is tested on the IEEE bus reliability test system and its effects on operation cost, technical data of the network and the expected load not served are discussed. Purchasing food to counteract Mafia in Italy. Purpose The paper aims to investigate pro-social behaviour of Italian consumers during the decision-making process of buying food produced in lands confiscated from Mafia-type organisations.

This is assumed as a form of buycotting, thus This is assumed as a form of buycotting, thus as an ethical purchasing choice to contribute to social change. The difference between groups was confirmed using MANOVA, whereas the multivariate multiple regression analysis was carried out to assess the difference between clusters. Findings Three types of consumer groups are identified: absolutists, exceptionists and subjectivists.

Coherent with previous studies, findings also highlight the relevance of information acquisition and of the self-effectiveness perception as key factors to stimulate pro-social behaviours. Arianna Ruggeri. History of Retailing and Consumption Taste for hot drinks -the consumption of coffee and tea in two Swedish nineteenth-century novels.

This article deals with the consumption of coffee and tea in nineteenth-century Sweden. The aim is to highlight the complexity in consumer practices by discussing both general approaches to the hot drinks and attitudes related to class The aim is to highlight the complexity in consumer practices by discussing both general approaches to the hot drinks and attitudes related to class and gender. The Journal of Sustainable Tourism is a leading tourism journal which advances critical understanding of the relationships between tourism and sustainable development.

Visit Journal. Understanding the antecedents, mediators and consequences of sustainable behavior is essential for the tourism and hospitality industries to design new strategies to substantially reduce the negative impacts of tourism. However research needs to move beyond using the theory of planned behavior to measure behavioral intentions, and to seek alternative theoretical frameworks to explain and to experiment with behavior change.

The scope of this special issue includes diverse un sustainable consumptions, productions, and consumer behaviors in any sector of the tourism and hospitality industry. Articles reporting progress on industry, NGOs and the public sector collaborations to promote behavior change are particularly welcomed. Abstract submission due: September 30 th , earlier submission is encouraged.