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Advertising is any form of paid representation of ideas so as to persuade the audience to take an action by viewing the particular advertising.

Most of the time, advertising and the advertisers been claimed for manipulating the audience, this is why it is important that the viewers have the critical analyzing ability to find what is behind the advertisement and this is the sole reason why teachers force students to write essay on such a topic. Advertising essay based on critical analysis is all about deeply studying an advertisement in order to write an essay on it.

Analysis of Commercial Advertisement Essay -- television commercials, en

It will be all based on your view points and thinking, so select one ad and go for it. Here, is an example of how to do analysis of an advertisement: Let me tell you an example of a TV commercial where a mother and her child was going somewhere when suddenly, the child got a cut on his ankles, in the next second, his mother sprayed Pain- X spray on his ankles. In the next frame the boy starts smiling which is the sign of the immediate relief; this indicates that the spray is the best. The next ad that the company made was about the same mother and a child walking in the park, this time a friend of this boy got a cut on his knees.

When her mother was about to use some other product o his knees, the boy stops her and says that he rather want Pain-X for the cut. V we are constantly being bombarded by thousands of companies telling us why we should buy their products or services.

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Some advertisements prove to be effective, while others can be easily dismissed. One very popular industry in advertisement is auto insurance.


Every year companies like Geico, State Farm, and All State invest millions of dollars, hoping to convince audiences that their service is better than their competitors. Because auto insurance is a requirement for every single individual who owns a vehicle it is a very competitive market where various ad campaigns can be found. The commercials feature customers in various inconvenient scenarios where an insurance agent may be needed.

While the granting of these ridiculous requests make the ads humorous; therefore, memorable, they emphasize what the company feels is their advantage over their competitors: immediate and excellent service.

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In one of these commercials, two young men are sitting in their car in what appears to be the middle of nowhere, eating burgers when they are suddenly attacked by a herd of buffalo. The ad is directed towards young men, a clever move, because young men are often the ones who find themselves in desperate situations while driving. The humor used in delivering this message introduces the use of pathos, or emotion, which help in making it memorable.

How to analyze a print advertisement

The concept of ethos, or image is also present in the commercial with the professional attire on the agent as well as the professional setting when they are zapped into his office. While the scenario is unlikely and there are clear fictional aspects to the commercial, the use of pathos in the humor and relief makes it very memorable and the point is very clearly put across: if you ever find yourself in a desperate situation, you can count on your State Farm agent to get it resolved. Unlike the instance with the buffalo, the woman remains completely calm and recites the magic jingle.

Advertisement Analysis : The Television Commercial

An agent suddenly appears and once her friends see that reciting the jingle can make anything appear, they too recite it and make the perfect man appear on top of the car. This time however, there is no desperation because the young woman is so certain that her agent will get things resolved.

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Just like the previous commercial, the ad uses pathos to convince their audience, assuring them that State Farm will allow them to be stress free. The next memorable ad in the campaign takes a different twist, because rather than promoting auto insurance, it promotes home insurance.

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As his friends begin to freak out, the homeowner maintains the same relaxed attitude as the female from the previous example and recites the magic jingle. Seeing his friends in shock as an agent magically appears he encourages them to recite the jingle and make a request, which they follow by asking for a sandwich, a pretty girl, and a hot tub. This ad also helps to show that the company has various types of insurance to offer and that they are all as reliable as their auto insurance. This successfully incorporates the use of pathos, making it easy to convince viewers that if they join the company they will feel just as relaxed as the people in their commercial.

They also touch upon ethos with the presentation of their agents who are always in professional attire.