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The number of stocks available for sale was higher that the number of people willing to buy and eventually the market crashed Great Depression, The s saw the American economy rise but the prosperity was unevenly distributed and the farmers as well as the untrained laborers were largely excluded.

Essay On Depression: Causes, Symptoms And Effects

It therefore led to the nation having a greater production capacity and could not match in consuming the products. Moreover, the policies of the Republican administration in regards to war-debts and tariff had led to a decline in market for the American goods Great Depression, Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! The effects of the Great Depression were felt both at home and abroad. No one escaped its reeling effects.

For example, countries in Europe were affected greatly as their economies were hit hard. In Germany, the economic blow led to social dislocation that is alleged to have played a major role bringing Adolf Hitler to power Great Depression, When the Great Depression set in many people lost their jobs.

The unemployment levels rose as many factories closed and up to about 16 million people had lost their jobs between and Great Depression, The Great Depression compares to the economic recession that took place in in American and its effects felt on a global scale. Consequently, job losses and loss of money in the stock market the people fell into massive levels of poverty. The people did not have a source of income and suffered a great deal. The suffering led economic hardships as well as physical, emotional, emotional and cognitive sufferings to the people because the Depression was a big tragedy hence they exhibited signs that people going through other crises exhibit Barr, The effects extended to other countries as well due to international trade just as it happened during the recent economic down turn.

No country is in isolation and its activities affect other countries too even if they do not have a hand in causing the problems.

Depression : Causes And Effects

It therefore follows that countries must take precautions to prevent an event like the Great Depression by learning its causes as well as its effects in order to minimize future damage or suffering in case of a similar tragedy. Better Essays words 6 pages. The first step to treating many of these new cases of depression is the prescription and use of antidepressant medication, however this has cause a mass flooding of our society with unnecessary prescription drugs.

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Due to the ease of treatment, primarily with prescription drugs, and the large range of severity in depression is often over diagnosed, adding to the problem Better Essays words 5. However, most students do not have enough information to understand what depression means.

Depression can cause mental damage to college student if the student is not treated correctly. In addition, there are many different types of depression, the common one contain major depressive disorder, Dysthymic disorder, and Minor depression There are many reasons that take people to feel a certain way, and it comes in many different forms. Depression occurs in people of all ages and genders. There are many reasons why so many people become depressed. This illness has the ability to control the person completely resembling changing their mood.

For example, constantly eating and sleeping most of the day or not eating as they should Free Essays words 1. Each year over 17 million Americans experience a period of clinical depression.

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Essays on Depression

Thus, depression affects nearly everyone through personal experiences or through depression in a family member or friend. Depression can interfere with normal functioning, and frequently causes problems with work, social life and family life. It causes pain and suffering not only to those who have a disorder, but also to those who care about them Better Essays words 2. Essay on The Effects of Depression. Essay on The Effects of Depression Length: words 2. Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

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Depression: Cause and Effect

Depression And Its Effects On Depression Essay - Imagine that you are in a small, dark, and secluded room with a hole in the ceiling big enough to fit your head through. Essay on Effects Of Depression On College Students - Many college students have experienced some kind of depression during their college life.