Beauty contest degrade womanhood essay

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What's Wrong with Beauty Pageants?

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Why Turkey took the fight to Syria. Beauty contests are popular in many parts of the world.

Do beauty pageants empower or objectify women?

The biggest, the Miss World competition, has been running annually since , and although it is less popular in the UK now than it was in , when it attracted Note that there are difficult technical issues about running this debate: it probably works best as a values debate on whether beauty contests are a good thing or not, but this kind of comparison motion is frowned upon in some policy-based debating circles.

Proposing a ban on beauty contests might be met with various entirely valid opposition lines on enforceability and warped priorities what about porn?

Are Beauty Pageants Degrading to Women? Essay

There is nothing wrong with judging people primarily on their physical prowess - we do this all the time in competitive sport, where fitness and strength are major determinants of success. Judging women, but not men, primarily on their looks contributes to the subjugation of women because other qualities, such as intelligence, are not seen as part of ideal femininity and therefore not as things to which women should aspire.

Ideal masculinity, while in itself potentially damaging to men, tends to be construed in much wider and less restrictive terms - it is notable that male beauty contests, judging men on their physical appearance, are much less popular than female ones. Beauty contests, like sport, can be an important focus of national or regional pride.

Beauty contests degrade womanhood - GD Topics with Summary

Despite the declining popularity of competitions such as Miss World in the UK, they hold an important cultural place in many parts of the world. There were demonstrations against Miss World by feminists and Hindu nationalists when it was held in Bangalore in Riots in Kaduna in northern Nigeria over Miss World left more than dead and led to the contest being moved to London.

Are Beauty Pageants Degrading to Women? Essay

In an environment where women are valued on solely on their appearance, and in which there are more opportunities for men, beauty contests give women an opportunity to improve their situations. Winning a beauty contest can be a a first step toward a successful life later in the future. Many Hollywood actresses are former beauty queens, and they would not have reached their success without the beauty contests they won.

In addition, the winners of high-profile beauty contests are able to publicize charities and causes they feel strongly about - they have a public platform they could not otherwise have gained.

What's Wrong with Beauty Pageants? Critique,

Beauty contests fail to challenge harmful political attitudes to women. As empowering as beauty pageants claim to be, in a way, they reward women for cultivating the most fleeting aspect of their humanity—physical beauty—and for preserving the correct kind of femininity. For example, in , Miss World Marjorie Wallace was dethroned for dating two men. However, the reality is that beauty pageants do exist, so until we're able to come up with a more compelling or inclusive contest or competition that rivals their popularity, the least we can do is avoid villainizing women who are empowered by them.

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